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Terms and conditions apply to all offers and deliveries made by BioConcept Labs Pvt. Ltd. Exceptions and deviations are admissible with BioConcept written approval only?

General Terms and Conditions
These general terms and conditions apply to all offers and deliveries made by BioConcept Labs Pvt. Ltd., Exceptions and deviations are admissible with BioConcept written approval only. Any conflicting terms and conditions shall be renounced and voided.

Placing of orders
Orders may be placed by fax, email or snail mail. Orders by telephone must be confirmed in writing.

Acceptance of Orders
BioConcept reserves the right to accept or reject any purchase order. BiooConcept shall be under no obligation to provide the goods ordered if BioConcept has bonafide doubts as to the solvency of the customer. BioConcept may in such circumstances without any liability on its part, withhold goods contracted to be sold to the customer without any repudiation of the contract being implied or expressed or any legal proceedings being necessary.

Payment Terms
Customer shall pay the amount invoiced by BioConcept within 15 days after receipt of a respective invoice net to the bank account of BiooConcept as shown on the invoice. Customer is not entitled to set-off the invoiced amount against any claims. Pre-payments may be required in special circumstances for initial or large orders with completion of credit applications. Any required pre-payments will be shown either on the individual written price quote to customer or, if no such individual written price quote is made, on the written order confirmation that BioConcept provides to customer. In the latter event, the order becomes firm and binding when the customer makes the required pre-payments to BioConcept.

Determination of the manner of shipping and of the carrier used shall be made by BiooConcept unless customer otherwise instructs. Shipping and handling charges for shipments within India are at the expense of BiooConcept except for expedited shipments or shipments under special conditions such as dry ice, etc. which, like all shipments to destinations outside of India, are at the sole expense of customer. The risk of products shall transfer to the customer immediately with BioConcept handing over the products to a carrier for transportation to the agreed destination. Delivery timelines quoted on the written order confirmation refer to the dates of shipment of the products. BioConcept is entitled to partial deliveries, each partial delivery to be invoiced and settled separately according to the above provisions. BioConcept will make all reasonable efforts to have the goods delivered to the customer on the date agreed between the parties as the delivery date.

Return of Goods
Notification of any defect in the product found during inspection must be made by the customer to BioConcept within 7 days of receipt of the product and written agreement must be given by BioConcept before BioConcept is obliged to accept returned product. BioConcept shall have absolute discretion in choosing to resynthesize the product or refund the purchase price.