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Custom Peptide Synthesis Services at BioConcept?

About BioConcept
Bioconcept has been engaged in production of custom peptides..

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BioConcept Carefully Reviews All Peptide Orders Prior To Actual Synthesis. Should It Be Determined That Unusual Procedures Will Be Required To…

How to Place Order

BioConcept carefully reviews all peptide orders prior to actual synthesis. Should it be determined that unusual procedures will be required to synthesize the peptide, BioConcept will inform the customer in advance, of any additional charges. All orders must have an accompanying purchase order number before they will be executed.

Orders are accepted by fax, snail mail or an email. Please provide the following information while ordering:

  • Sequence of peptide.

  • Quantity and level of purity required.

  • Modifications or special services if required.

  • Valid purchase order number.

  • Billing address and shipping address.

  • Name, phone number and email I.D. of the end user.

  • Name and phone number of the purchasing agent.


1.  Synthesis of peptide cannot be guaranteed in some of the cases due to conformational restriction and restriction due to sequence specific hindrance. 

2.  Some time delivery of the peptide is not guaranteed on stipulated time due to any technical problem on that case BioConcept will not be liable for your experimental delay.

Terms & Conditions

Address : BioConcept Labs Pvt. Ltd.
                  Plot No. 51, Sector - 7, IMT Manesar,
                   Gurgoan, Haryana- 122050

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