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Industry Has Changed Drastically Since 1998, As CRO?s Started Penetrating India…

Industry has changed drastically since 1998, as CRO?s started penetrating India. Contract research and manufacturing services market in India was valued at $895 million in 2006. Though manufacturing APIs and oral solid formulation continue to be the major sources of revenue for India's contract manufacturing industry, other segments in contract research, outsourcing of drug discovery research are slated to show the highest growth of 26% a year. 

The total market for peptides therapeutics in 2006 was approximately US$20 billion, and is growing in excess of 15% pa. Although peptides are excellent drug leads the instability of these molecules in the human body limits their therapeutic value and pharmaceutical use. Despite of this limitation peptide drugs currently represent a small but growing number of pharmaceutical molecules. The interest in peptide drugs has recently intensified with key developments in the following areas: 
- Modifications of peptides with non-natural amino acids to increase stability.
- Improvements in manufacturing to increase yield and reduce cost.
- Synthesis of diverse peptide libraries to screen large sets of drug targets.
- Development of phage display technology to identify target specific peptides.

Peptides are currently being developed for therapeutic applications in a variety of clinical indications. Some of these indications are: allergy/asthma; arthritis; cancer; diabetes; growth impairment; cardiovascular diseases; inflammation; vaccines; baldness; analgesia; ophthalmology; epilepsy; gynecology; CNS diseases; antiviral; antibacterial; GI diseases; obesity; and hemostasis.

An analysis of launched peptide drugs and compounds in late stage development indicates that the peptide market is expected to grow in 2007 at a rate of 5%. Beginning in late 2007, however, Phase III and some ?fast track? Phase II candidates will start moving through the registration approval process. As these drugs gain approval and are marketed, the overall peptide market is expected to grow at a rate of 10% with growth rates increasing toward the end of this decade and beyond.

Considering the growing market in peptide therapeutics contract research, there is dramatic improvement in regulatory scenario to accommodate this change. CRO industry has rewritten the rules in drug development area in India. The Indian CRO segment has been growing in terms of number of companies. The segment will get a boost because of more outsourcing activities. India has witnessed new entrants from local players to global CRO giants. To offer best services, competitive pricing and to deliver within timelines, which is a key parameter for a good CRO, the organizations have expanded their operations in all parameters like headcount, services and infrastructure, making India a hub for contract research projects.

For the fulfillment of such requirement all the scientific academia or commercial houses have their eye on India for their contract research projects so that they get value for their money within timelines. After doing intense market analysis, with hard core technical efficacies, we are putting a step ahead in contract research to welcome collaborative projects with biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners to develop new strategies for peptide synthesis and working our strategies for making various analogues and libraries, when you are penetrating an array of peptide molecules for drug discovery research and screening assays. Our capabilities and academic collaborations have matured us to drive the research output in most competent and cost effective way. Our aim is to make the research a competitive and cost effective edge over others.