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About BioConcept
Bioconcept has been engaged in production of custom peptides..

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Bioconcept Has Been Engaged In Production Of Custom Peptides…

Bioconcept has been engaged in production of custom peptides for last 5 years. With the acquisition of an advanced facility grouped with automated equipment. Bioconcept has strengthened the focused approach of establishing itself as a reliable source of contract research services on custom peptide synthesis. We at Bioconcept, are specialized in providing ultra-fast and highly economical customized peptides to the researchers at universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies world wide. We are committed to the highest quality standards and validation of our products. In addition to having well established, manual synthesis techniques, we have state of the art automated equipment to support customers working in drug discovery. Combining the extensive experience in custom peptide synthesis and analytical chemistry, our panel of scientist uses a t-Boc / Fmoc solution or solid phase technology to cater our customers with the high quality peptides, in a short turn around time and at a very competitive price. We have state of the art facility at Manesar, an industrial township just 20 Km from South Delhi, equipped with automated synthesizers, chromatography system and other equipments. Bioconcept provides its employees with an outstanding work environment designed to foster innovation and creativity. We can develop valuable research and development tools to enable scientists using creative solutions to perform chemistry with ease and efficiency. We welcome collaborative projects with biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners to develop new strategies for peptide synthesis for making various analogues and libraries when you are penetrating an array of peptide molecules for drug discovery research and screening assays. Our capabilities and academic collaborations have matured us to drive the research output in most competent and cost effective way. Our aim is to make the research a competitive and cost effective edge over others.